Central Yukon Species Inventory Project (CYSIP)

This page will acquaint you with what CYSIP is and how to navigate the database.

What is CYSIP?:

The Central Yukon Species Inventory Project is a self directed study of the natural world by amature naturalists.

The Goal:

The goal of the study is to document all the species endemic to Central Yukon.

The Purpose:

The purpose of the project is to be constructive in our studies of the natural world by creating an electronic database that can be shared with others.

Vision for CYSIP:

To start, the project is focusing on the Plant Kingdom. In the future hopefully our studies will take us into the realms of the Fungi and Animal Kingdoms as well. Perhaps in the future others may want to expand the project to include other regions in, or the whole of, the Yukon. Knowledge is always changing and as information on the species grows and changes, so to will this database.

The Study Area:

We have defined the limits of the central Yukon as approximately the 63'N to 66'N. Or from approximately the Pelly to the Peel. With the Continental Divide (NWT boarder) creating a natural border to the East and Alaska creating an unnatural border to the West.

How to use this E-Data-Base:

Finding a species:

Each species has been catalogued alphabetically by both common/english name and by scientific/latin name. Some of the CYSIPs have been catalogued by family groupings as well. To get started go to the home page of the relevant CYSIP ie. Botany, and go from there.

Identifying a Specimen:

Each CYSIP will have both textual dichotomous and pictorial keys to make possible the identification of species.

Species Pages:

Each species has its own page. The information for each species is organized into the following categories: Images, Range Maps, Taxonomy, Description, Biology, Ecology, Uses. Many of the pictures can be blown up to very large sizes by clicking on them.

Information Sources:

Most of the information in the CYSIPs come from sources which are listed in the Reference page of each CYSIP. Some information is from the observations of the naturalists involved in the creation of the page or local natural scientists.


All photos are copy right of the creators of the CYSIP. The images may be reproduced for nonprofit purposes but we ask that we are made aware when an image is copied. Images are not to be copied for sale or for for-profit projects without permission of the photographer. See contact information below.

Illustrations and diagrams may not be property of CYSIP and so may have copyright protection. See reference page of relevent CYSIP for illustration sources.

Contact Information:

CYSIP is kindly hosted by Friends of Dempster Country (FODC). FODC is a not-for-profit registered society in the Yukon Territory. Its three pillars are: Promote and facilitate natural history education in the Dempster region; Promote and facilitate natural science research in the Dempster region; Assist Tombstone Territorial Park in meeting its environmental protection mandate.

Email: friendsofdempster@gmail.com

Any questions can be directed to the CYSIP naturalists, photographers, web masters, et cetera, at:

Email: cysip@dempstercountry.org

Or you can click here to use the comment form.

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