Caprifoliaceae : Honeysuckle Family


Scientific Name:

Kingdom: Plantae

Class: Dicoteldonae (two seed-leaves)

Family: Caprifoliaceae

Genera: 2

Species: 2

Linnaea borealis (Twinflower)

Viburnum edule (Highbush Cranberry)

English Name(s):

Honeysuckle Family

Family Traits


  • Erect or creeping shrubs.
  • Stems often pithy. Like cork or styrofoam.
  • Leaves opposite
  • Flowers perfect (bisexual)
  • In many species flowers and fruit come in pairs.
  • Petals 5 united
  • Sepals 5 united
  • Stamens (male parts) 4-5
  • Ovaries inferior (within recepticle), is syncarpous (united carpels) in one pistil (female part)

Family Size:


Genera: 15

Species: 400

North America:

Genera: 7

Species: ?


Genera: 4

Species: 4

Illustrated Key To Family

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Linnaea borealis (Twinflower)

Viburnum edule (Highbush Cranberry)

Dicotomous Key To Family


Linnaea (Twinflower)

  • Flowers always come in pairs
  • Fruit is a dry one-seeded capsule
  • This genus is named for the eminent Swedish botanist Carolus Linaeus (1707-1778). Linaeus is the father of current scientific nomenclature and author of Species Plantarum.

World= 1

N.A.= 1

Yukon= 1

Central Yukon= 1

Viburnum (Highbush Cranberry)

  • Fruit are edible drupes (berries)
  • Not a true cranberry, as true cranberries are of the Ericaceae (Heath Famliy)

World= 120

N.A.= ?

Yukon= 1

Central Yukon= 1

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