Valerianaceae : Valerian Family


Scientific Name:

Kingdom: Plantae


Class: Dicoteldonae (two seed-leaves)

Family: Valerianaceae

Genera: 1

Species: 2

Valeriana capitata (Mountain Valerian)

Valeriana sitchensis (? Valerian)

English Name(s):

Valerian Family

Gwich'in Name:

Family Traits


  • North American members of this family have small flowers in clusters.
  • Flowers can be perfect (bisexual) or imperfect (unisexual), regular in symmetry to slightly irregular.
  • Sepals are inconspicuous.
  • Petals 5, united often with a spur at the base of the flower.
  • Stamens 1 to 4.
  • Ovary is positioned inferior and consists of 3 united carpels (chambers) but aborts 2 forming just one chamber.
  • Fruit is an achene.

Natural History:

Family Size:


Genera: 13

Species: 400

North America:

Genera: 3

Species: 22?


Genera: 1

Species: 3

Illustrated Key To Family

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Valeriana capitata (Mountain Valerian)

Valeriana sitchensis (? Valerian)

Dicotomous Key To Family


Valeriana (Valerian, Tobacco Root)

  • Plants perennial, herbaceous (not woody), from an ascending rhizome. (underground stem).
  • Leaves opposite, simple or pinnately divided.
  • Inflorescence (flower clusters) a terminal head elongating in fruit into an open and branching raceme or thyrsoid-panicle.
  • Flowers perfect (bisexual), more or less irregular in symmetry.
  • The roots of Valeriana species all have a characteristic "dirty sock smell", due to the presence of isovaleric acid.
  • Fruit small, dry, flattened achenes, 1-nerved on one side and 3-nerved on the other.

World= 250

N.A.= 19

Yukon= 3

Central Yukon= 2

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